"Listen to the patient. He is telling you the diagnosis."

Sir William Osler

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  Q: What is the most precious aspect of medicine?

A: How to gain "insight" into the whole patient.

This is the view of two distinguished professors of cardiology, published in an article entitled, "Sophisticated technology is not a substitute for cognitive cardiology".

We agree. If the whole is always more than the sum of the parts, then medicine cannot be practiced piecemeal. A disease or a medical question is not a thing; it is a process. To understand what's going on requires time and patience for the patient to be heard. Medical assessment and treatment is a partnership, and a working partnership cannot be created in a 15 minute office visit.

When you come to North Mountain Cardio, you will always see the physician, not a physician extender. You will have time to ask questions and to tell of your experiences, to hear about medical ideas and proposed options and the reasoning behind them, and to decide on and create your particular path to health.