"North Mountain Cardio will answer all the questions you had about exercise but didn't know who to ask. If you are consistent and follow through with your program, you will see results. I have. I love North Mountain Cardio."

Joan K, 81



Modern humans have been around for about 200,000 years. Surviving for 8,000 generations required having a body capable of coping with the demands created by the physical environment. Our lives little resemble those of our remote ancestors, but we still inhabit bodies that were optimized to meet their needs.

Simply put, our bodies function best when we engage in regular physical activity because the need for physical movement was a fundamental reality for our forebears. Too much repetitive activity may be harmful; too little certainly is--it's simply the way we're programmed.

Good health requires movement. No matter where you're starting from and where you've been, we can find a physical activity that you can do, that you can enjoy, and that can make you feel better and live healthier.