“In my 83rd year, I began a coached exercise program at North Mountain Cardio. It is a unique setting: a cardiologist, a creden-tialled exercise physiologist and an exercise coach. My goals to improve balance and increase flexibility have been surprisingly improved.”

Duane J, 83

Dalai Lama

Optimal Health

A MacArthur Foundation study has identified three essential ingredients for successful aging: minimizing the risk of disease and disability, maintaining physical and cognitive function, and staying engaged with life. It also found that 50% to 70% of the elements that lead to successful aging were the result of the lifestyle choices that we make.

There is a biological substrate to the aging process, but as we accumulate birthdays, many of the unwanted changes we experience may well be self-inflicted. Accordingly, we shouldn't underestimate our bodies' capacity to reverse, reclaim or correct for that which we assume time has stolen from us.

At North Mountain Cardio, we do not offer any miraculous anti-aging treatments; no one should mistake Phoenix tap water for the Fountain of Youth. Our practical, evidence-based recommendations are based on a wealth of evidence accumulated through 25 years of research.