How does North Mountain Cardio do it?

Q: What exactly is it that you do for people?

  A: We provide

  • Assessing your current health status by looking at the usual suspects: your history, the physical examination, and laboratory studies;

  • Identifying what you want to be able to have healthwise and be able to do for the long term;

  • Transforming your chosen goals into a specific and personalized health agenda;

  • Providing you with tools to help attain these goals.

Q: Are you any different from my family practitioner does?

  A: North Mountain Cardio provides an intensive and comprehensive metabolic health program not available from other practices, We believe that optimal health is not simply the absence of diagnosed disease. It can be obtained but it has to be actively pursued as a specific goal.

Q: But I can do all of this myself.

  A: Indeed, you can. And if you already are physically very fit, are following a balanced personal nutrition plan, are receiving effective treatment for any identified medical diagnoses and have minimized your risk for future illness, then you may not need our services. If this doesn't sound like you, then perhaps we can lend a hand.

Q: Why are you so focused on exercise?

  A: We emphasize exercise because:

  • Our bodies have been shaped by natural selection to function optimally when we are physically active; accordingly, inactivity ultimately leads to suboptimal functioning.

  • Of all the treatment modalities available, physical activity is one of the most effective and also the most underutilized.

Q: Do you use special diets and supplements?

  A: The number of variations in human bodies and human metabolism is virtually infinite, as is the number of combinations of things we can find to eat. Is one particular set of macronutrients or micronutrients especially special? Probably not--but there some patterns and combinations that may work particularly well for you.

Q: Do I need a referral form my doctor?

  A: No. We work with other physicians and are not trying to replace care that you are already receiving. Since the existing medical referral system is oriented towards the treatment of disease, it's not designed to accommodate a practice like ours that is oriented toward improving health.