Why do I want this?

Q: I've already been told all about diets and exercise; what more could you possibly offer?

  A: Less-than-optimal nutrition and fitness are usually not examples of simple information deficit disorders. Telling and hearing are one thing; doing and enjoying are quite another. We offer approaches that focus on the latter.

Q: This sounds like a lot of smoke and mirrors to me.

  A: Our approach is based on the best available evidence from the fields of medicine, physiology, epidemiology and behavioral science. (If you wish, Dr. Sutherland will be happy to bore you to tears with all the supporting scientific data.)

Q: What special tests and treatments do you use?

  A: Exotic evaluations are best used to look for exotic conditions; common diseases are commonly seen. For most of us, little special testing is usually necessary. Similarly, we don't specialize in medical secrets and miracle cures. We can offer you tools, but we're plumb out of magic wands.

Q: How long does this take?

  A: You set the goals, we provide the roadmap and the tools, and you can proceed at your own pace. The single biggest obstacle to moving ahead briskly is the time it takes to let go of engrained habits--which is why we've become expert in facilitating behavioral change.

Q: I work and don't have a lot of time to spend at North Mountain Cardio.

  A: We're interested in life-long continuous health, but we're not proposing that you move in with us. All our health concepts are designed to be simple, portable and doable with a minimum of equipment.

Q: How much does it cost?

  A: Dr. Sutherland's medical services are billed at existing Medicare rates. Services such as personal training are priced competitively with other program in the Valley.

Q: What do I get out of all of this?

  A: We want you to have

  • an idea of what's right, what's wrong and what's not optimal, medically speaking;

  • a clear vision of a path for maximizing good health going forward, no matter where you're starting from;

  •  the promise of results that you will be able to see, feel and judge for yourself.