It is no news that quitting cigarettes for good can be hard. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported that

Poster: Rene Gruau

Poster: Rene Gruau

  • two-thirds of smokers want to quit,

  • half of those will try in any year, and

  • only ~6% of those will succeed.

Fewer than one third of smokers who try to quit seek counseling or medication, even though such treatments can double or even triple the odds of success.

At North Mountain Cardio, we employ a “best practices” cognitive/behavioral and medication approach, but we don’t stop there. Acupuncture can be helpful in supporting your body and emotions while quitting by helping to facilitate the detoxification process, to calm agitation and anxiety, and to strengthen will power.

Hypnotherapy also has an impressive success rate for smoking cessation.  Many clients experience a rapid reduction or even the complete elimination of cravings.  Hypnosis can also help you in planning your new lifestyle and in decreasing the possibility and fear of relapse.

There is no magic wand or magic pill that miraculously gets you to quit smoking, but our specially priced Cessation Package can give you access to the tools you need to maximize your success.